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"It's all about the vibes and let the people dance and have a great time!"


Born 1982. DJ Sensi felt in love with music by listening to Hip-Hopacts Cypress Hill, Beastie Boys, Wu-Tang Clan,... in the mid-90's. DJ Sensi was highly impressed the first time he heard Bounty Killer shouting and toasting, when he did collaborations with No Doubt, Fugees & Wu-Tang Clan. The Poor People's Governor made DJ Sensi evolve to listen to dancehall music and later on reggae, roots, ska & rocksteady. In those times (late 90's) you could find DJ Sensi - geared with a small cassette player playing Jamaican vibes - with his friends hanging out on the streets. It was due to his friend's birthday party DJ Sensi started playing at a dance. The next year the Tech Licious parties were born. The first ever Reggae, Dancehall, Tropical, Drum 'n Bass parties in his hometown Wevelgem (West-Flanders, Belgium).

First territory expansions

Soon DJ Sensi got his recognition by other DJ's and soundsystems and started teaming up with the Ghent-based soundsystem Bojo Productions in 2002-2003.

After spending some time in Ghent, he went back to his hometown to collaborate with MC Bullet, as Sensi Sound/W82 Sound.

In 2004 DJ Sensi was the first West-Flanders' reggae/dancehall DJ to play at the infamous Shake Your Bam Bam parties at Kaaiman in Antwerp (B), organized by Civalizee Foundation.

Westside champs

At the end of 2005 DJ Sensi joined the Kortrijk based soundsystem Papa Pedro Entertainment.

In 2006 they won the 'Who A Di Best' soundclash in Lille (France) vs Kill Dem Sound (Paris, FRA), which gave them the title of Westside Champs, as the first Belgian sound to win a soundclash abroad.

Around that time they invited Jamaican reggae artist Bescenta for the first time to tour Europe (2 more invitations would follow). Papa Pedro Entertainment also organized their parties in Kortrijk on a regular, where they invited soundsystems like Warrior Sound (GER), Pow Pow (GER), Guiding Star (FRA), Soul Stereo (FRA), Irie Crew (FRA), Civalizee (B) and many many more.

In 2006 Papa Pedro Entertainment played at one of the biggest reggaefestivals in Europe, 'Summerjam' and went back playing in Wuppertal (GER) later that year.

In the next years they kept playing all over Belgium and had gigs in France, Germany and Luxembourg.

In 2010 they participated in the Beljam's Cup Clash, a soundclash between 4 Belgian soundsystems. A jury decision made them became second (winner: Mystic Breeze Collective - 3rd: Beatstreet Sound - 4th: Daktari Sound).

The quiet years

In 2012 DJ Sensi left Papa Pedro Entertainment for many different reasons. He went back to this musical roots and started spinning vinyl again (in times were cd-players and controllers were already standard). He moved his focus back to classic Hip-Hop, a little R&B and Soul.

In 2015 DJ Sensi started teaming up with Hip-Hopmc's Dirrty D & Killamatic and later that year their crew AMN (Any Means Necessary). They promoted their EP all over Flanders.

In 2016 DJ Sensi went, together with Killamatic, to Tbilisi, Georgia, where they were the support act for Hip-Hoplegend Jeru The Damaja. DJ Sensi was asked to dj for Jeru.

Going global

In Tbilisi the foundation was set, and DJ Sensi would spin for Jeru The Damaja on a regular. From then on they performed together all over Europe, Canada, Chile & New Zealand. They did tours with/for skatebrand DC Shoes and with The Beatnuts and Gang Starr Foundation.

In the meantime DJ Sensi also did DJ workshops, played at various events and weddings and started his own Curved Music Studio.


2020 was the year DJ Sensi released his first production with longtime friend MC Bullet & Crazy Day-Zee, called 'k Zie Zo Gern.

Stream/buy it here.

Letters & numbers

DJ Sensi played for/toured with Jeru The Damaja [USA], The Beatnuts [USA], Gang Starr Foundation (Big Shug, Group Home) [USA], Afu-Ra [USA], CityTheKing [USA], Zoolay [USA], R.A. The Rugged Man [USA], Shabazz The Disciple [USA], Madchild [CAN], Specta [FRA], Truemendous [GBR], M Dot R [GBR], Echo Minott [JAM], Bescenta [JAM], Slash Ladat [JAM] & Dotta Coppa [JAM] and many local acts.

Countries where they heared DJ Sensi's vibes: Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Lithuania, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and UK.


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